Artus Jaladeau, winner of the Solo Stage of the Tour

Artus Jaladeau, vainqueur de l'Étape du Tour sur le Solo

After 157km and four difficult passes including the formidable Col de Joux-Plane, Artus crossed this finish line of the Etape du Tour 2023 in the lead and Solo. We set off to meet him.

Tell us briefly about your journey?

Since 2022 I have only been cycling. Before that I was doing my higher education on a work-study basis in sports business, I was a cycle mechanic salesman. So I joined L’Occitane Legend Wheels in 2022 with the idea of ​​turning professional. Today I live in Toulouse with my girlfriend.

What does cycling mean to you?

6 years ago, I would have answered: a simple passion. Now everything has changed, it’s what makes me today and probably what I will be tomorrow. I studied in this field, I met my girlfriend there and the friends I have today.

How did you feel about this race?

Very calm, with the idea of ​​achieving the best possible result. I came with my girlfriend and a couple of friends. This race was not planned in my program, I should have cut the week of the Etape du Tour. But it was the Rodez Bike store where the friend I came with worked that gave me the bib.

What are your next deadlines?

There remain 3 objectives: the Tour du Piedmont Pyrenean and the two French Cups. I want to go win them.

What do you think of the GIRS Solo bike?

It's great, I enjoy it. Although I'm a climber, I love riding fast on the flat. I really like being on a bike that also allows for a more aerodynamic position. Whatever the terrain, I see no fault with it, I go down very quickly and it is very stable. Before the Etape du Tour I had not had the opportunity to climb several passes at high pace. I wasn't disappointed, it goes up quickly!

What is your best advice for cyclists?

It's complicated to give only one so I'll give 2:
– Be rigorous in your preparation
– Have fun on the bike

We will be attentive to Artus' next performances and wish him a good rest of the season!
If you also want to discover GIRS Solo, go here !

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Photos: Noémie Morizet

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