Steven Le Hyaric, winner of the Race Across France!

Steven Le Hyaric, vainqueur de la Race Across France !

Steven Le Hyaric, winner of the Race Across France!

Recent winner of the Race Across France.

The Race Across France is the pinnacle of ultra-distance cycling! Through the legendary rides of France, this race represents surpassing oneself, kindness and above all... sharing EMOTIONS!

Steven completed the 2600km and 35,000 meters of positive elevation gain of this legendary race on the Solo in a stratospheric time!

145 Hours

“Sometimes you think that nothing is possible, sometimes you understand that almost everything is possible”

Steven le Hyaric on the Race Across France is...

  • 2 hours of rain and storm
  • Temperatures from 3 to 38 degrees
  • 10 cans per 24 hours on average
  • 40 cafes
  • 3 punctures
  • 40 crying spells
  • 1000 bursts of laughter
  • 100 supporters on the road by bike / on foot / by car / by scooter
  • 1000 messages of support received per day here

Steven Le Hyaric and Gis, a story of enthusiasts

“What Steven is achieving today is incredible, it’s extraordinary. With GIRS, we have always tried to provide him with the best elements to enable him to make us dream like this.

With both the RNR and the SOLO, we are keen to support it in its greatest challenges. This essentially involves tailor-made bike assembly and a very thorough postural study, in order to minimize the constraints he may encounter when he spends hours in the saddle."

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