GIRS Solo: Escape companion.

GIRS Solo : Compagnon d'échapée.
July, an ideal month for full-scale testing and putting Solo to the test. In 3 days, we will ride on the most demanding Alpine passes of the 2023 edition of the Tour de France to finish our tests in a cycling hotspot: Ventoux, justice of the peace.
Barely arrived in Samoens, at the foot of the famous Joux Plane pass, we learned that Artus Jaladeau had just won the Amateur Stage of the tour on the Solo. First consecration, the bike rivals the best, the Solo definitely has it in its stomach, we did everything for it, we are going to check it again.

The Solo is a unique bike resulting from a long maturation, its design sets it apart from many of its competitors, it surprises with its qualities. On the aesthetic level: integration of disc braking, passage of sheaths and cables integrated into the frame and the stem, air deflectors on the headstock and stays, sobriety of colors. Equipped with Sonic Hyper profiled wheels, the Solo sports an extremely dynamic and refined line, its design gives it a distinguished elegance.
The GIRS are made to last and this is obviously a characteristic of the Solo. RNR owners will attest, the bikes are foolproof and withstand the wear and tear of time. Certainly we are not here in the Gravel universe, but it is with the same care and the same know-how that the design of the Solo was approached. EPS molding technology and the use of proven and recognized Toray 700 and 800 carbons combined with resins developed by GIRS engineers make it possible to achieve the objectives of solidity and durability, essential prerequisites of the specifications of origin.
The Solo offers firm comfort, a sensation that the mastery of carbon and the constant evolution of tires facilitate. Capable of accommodating 32mm tires, the bike is optimized for the use of 28mm Tubeless tires inflated to 5 bars. In 28mm, we climbed the Col de la Colombière, Ramaz and Joux Plane then a few days later, descended the Malaucène face of Ventoux after reaching it via Bédouin. The bike is extremely efficient uphill, reliable downhill and comfortable over time. With a 25mm tread, we can easily imagine this bike capable of further changing its character and turning into a racing beast.
After the effort, the comfort, we treat ourselves to a lunch break on a terrace at the foot of the Ventoux, our bikes attract attention and raise questions. Considering the bikes and the quality of their finish, the majority of questions we were asked during this bike testing session focused on its price. Less than 3200 euros for the starting model (Shimano 105 - Fulcrum Racing 900 wheels) the most high-end version (Ultegra Di2 - Sonic Hyper wheels) peaks at less than 5700 euros, the frame kit is for its part billed at 1690 euros Tax included.
A bicycle is much more than a machine, much more than a mechanical unit, it is an object of collective but also very personal experiences, we race as a team but we move forward alone. Cycling rhymes with solitude, those long moments spent on the saddle fighting against yourself. The Solo was designed to be this essential companion of performance and reliability.

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