Triathlete Jeanne Collonge joins the GIRS family!

La triathlète Jeanne Collonge rejoint la famille GIRS !

Triathlete Jeanne Collonge joins the GIRS family!

Jeanne Collonge, professional triathlete for 12 years

Immersed in the world of sport since a young age, Jeanne Collonge became the nugget of Long Distance Triathlon at just 25 years old. Jeanne is now entering her 17th year of triathlon and her 12th as a professional. 2 victories on the Embruman including a 10th and 13th place overall, a title of French Long Distance Triathlon champion as well as numerous podiums on 70.3 and Ironman... Successes that can be associated with his qualities, but above all his hard work. Passion, resilience and perseverance are the words that perfectly define Jeanne, a 34-year-old young woman, a foreign language teacher and today the mother of a 4-year-old little girl.

An extraordinary track record

🥇 Double Champion of France LD
🥇 2x Embrunman
🥇 2x Ironman 70.3 Aix en Provence
🥇 LD Alpes d’Huez
🥇 2x LD Gerardmer
🥇 LD Natureman
🥈 Ironman Nice
🥈Ironman Wales
🥈 VentouxMan
🥉 Ironman 70.3 Nice

The daily life of a top athlete is a constant questioning, which is ultimately what makes them great champions. Jeanne is the example. Accept the fact that nothing is easy, find your own balance while remaining in control of your project. Reconnect more with the present moment and focus on the process, the approach and the daily involvement rather than on an imminent result. So many tools that make competition a challenge, an opportunity to deliver the best of oneself , without setting limits.

“Everything is possible to those who dream, dare, work and never give up!”


Jeanne Collonge and GIRS, a story of enthusiasts

Jeanne shared with us her desire to continue to evolve at the highest level. A real challenge since she now has to juggle her life as a mother, a teacher and her life as a professional triathlete. It's a challenge that doesn't scare her and that makes us want to believe in her even more.
His journey literally touched us, it brought back memories, moments that we went through and that brought us here today.
This project is close to our hearts, it's a sharing of experience , we can bring it as much as it brings us, and ultimately, that's what makes sense for us .

“An incredible human encounter, something I had never experienced in my 17 years of career”

We shared 48 hours together with one ultimate goal: to give him all the cards in his hands to perform. This went through the careful preparation of his bikes, but above all through fitting .
Several hours spent searching for this position, the most efficient possible, optimizing every detail, every optimal point of support with a single objective in mind...that she becomes one with her bikes.

"Guillaume spent 2 days painstakingly finding the optimal bike fittings for me, trying 20 saddles to find the right one, making himself available, listening to my needs, showing himself to be totally involved in my sporting project. He accompanies me to 200% and that’s very valuable!”

100% customized bikes in the colors of Stade Français, his new club.

Guillaume and Alexandre Girout, founder of GIRS

“Jeanne is an example of resilience and tenacity, she has already proven it so much during her career.

Her strength to believe in it, and her self-sacrifice in everything she does, is what motivates us to be an actor in her project and its success.

On a human level, she is a young woman who shares our values, our passion, and we want to give her the means to shine in 2002."

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