Tom Lecomte, an athlete with an extraordinary career

Tom Lecomte, un athlète au parcous hors norme

May 05, 2023

Tom Lecomte. If this name doesn't mean anything to you, it's because you've missed one of the finest examples of resilience and courage. More than promising, he was winner of the 70.3 of Lanzarote and the XL of Gérardmer, French Duathlon Champion. In 2018, Tom had to put his career on hold since 2019 before returning to the world of High Level in 2022. We were touched by his journey and more than once surprised by his strength, his joie de vivre and his combativeness .

We are happy to see him officially join Team Athlete Girs. For the occasion, we went to meet him.

Tell us about your journey?

My name is Tom Lecomte, I am 27 years old and I am a professional triathlete. I started triathlon at 16 to follow my dad. I had a very good year in 2018 where I won the Gerardmer triathlon, the 70.3 in Lanzarote and I was French duathlon champion. In 2019, I had my first accident. I got up and was ready to come back in 2022. Unfortunately, 7 months ago in July 2022 at Alpes d'Huez, I had a second big accident where I went under the wheels of a 18 tons... Multiple open and displaced fractures of both femurs, in other words I don't wish this suffering on anyone... not even the one who put me down! Since then, I have been recovering. Indeed the road is long in rehabilitation but I cling to every positive note on my way, no matter how long it takes, I know that I will come back, because “a phoenix is ​​always reborn from its ashes” 😉

What makes you strong?

I think what makes me strong is my character. I'm stubborn and when I'm told it's not possible, I'll do everything to prove the opposite and make it happen. I am full of desire and motivation. I always see life in rosy terms and for me nothing is impossible. I go there and I don't ask any questions.

What binds you to Girs in terms of values?

My links with Girs are very simple. Since I was little, triathlon and high-level sport have brought me many values ​​such as humility, courage, a taste for work and surrounding myself with healthy things and people. I met Guillaume [the owner of Girs] and the feeling went straight away. I loved the philosophy of the brand, the stores and the team which is top notch. We share simple but essential values ​​and as they say, simple things are best.

Why do you trust Girs to equip you?

Life is made of ups and downs but above all of encounters. I met Girs at a time when I was on the rise, in good shape, ready to come back to the forefront. Yet after my second accident, they were there and supportive, just being there and assuring me that no matter what turn I took, they would be there. This is what makes the beauty of our meeting. Beyond the material side that a “partnership” can represent, it is this human support that touched me and for that I sincerely thank them.

A word from Guillaume Girout, owner of the Girs brand:

“We were happy with the work done together, the feedback, the values ​​that Tom carried. This project made sense for us, our brand equips triathletes from head to toe, it was the logical next step. Tom signed at the beginning of July, 2 weeks before the accident…

We followed his entire rehabilitation, little step by little step and today our greatest satisfaction is here: Tom Lecomte is back on a bike. He takes pleasure again. Of course, at this stage we are not talking about High Level, but what he conveys to us means much more. We were touched by his resilience and self-sacrifice. Finally, today, the only thing we can say to ourselves is that we are proud to be by his side and to accompany him. I think today that supporting an athlete involves much more than a contract, equipment or even financing. The main thing for me is that it transmits emotions to us, that it thrills us, our teams but also all the practitioners we meet every day. What Tom experienced with this second serious accident is a real life obstacle to overcome, and at our level, we will support him and accompany him in his future projects.”

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